Let your experience as a trader come in to assist you by formulating solutions to trade the markets. Our in-house development team will develop your expert advisor or MT4 indicators. Custom Metatrader programming allows for historical simulation and understanding of design alternatives and trade-offs among trading methodologies, enabling optimization of systems to meet high performance standards, by catching errors early, testing more thoroughly with multiple scenarios, troubleshooting existing issues effectively. This leads to key cost savings, shorter development cycles, and higher quality systems and forex robots


MT4 Indicators: Intended for graphical displaying of preliminarily calculated dependences. It cannot trade automatically but is a common component of automated forex trading.

Expert Advisor: is a forex trading robot linked up to a certain chart. The EA can both inform you about a possibility to trade and trade at an account automatically sending orders directly to the trade server. The Metatrader terminal supports testing strategies on history data with displaying trading in-and-out points in the chart.

Programming Services Rate: The hour rate for MT4 and MT5 programming is $50 per hour. Cost and programming times for the outsourcing solution may vary depending on its complexity. For exact pricing it is necessary to review the strategy in detail.


Strategy Development Procedures

Protect your intellectual property

Submit your contact information by e-mail to, we will sign the non disclosure agreement with your information and e-mail it back to you.

Reviewing your strategy

Specify your signal or trading requirement by filling up ourorder form. We will discuss the details of your strategy with you. Then we will send you a proposal for development.

The development confirmation

Once we receive your payment confirmation we will start the development process. Payment can be processed using Credit Card or Paypal.

The program release

We will send you the first version of your system, with unrestricted code, so you can back-test and live-test it.